ARE YOU A STUDENT INTERESTED IN RECRUITMENT? If you are a potential new member (PNM) who is involved in the recruitment process at an in- or out-of-state school, please try first to get a recruitment information form (RIF) from a Chi Omega alumnae whom you know personally (such as through your high school, neighbors, churches, community groups, etc.). Much like getting a professional job reference, it’s a good idea to obtain a personal recommendation when possible since the alum will actually know you.

If you do not know any local Chi Omega alums, feel free to email a resume and recent picture to, who will try to forward the information to local Chi Omega alums in your area. PLEASE NOTE: this is not a guarantee of getting a RIF or a bid from Chi Omega. For more general information and terminology on going through recruitment, check out this page

CHI OMEGA LIFE IN COLLEGE: The state of Colorado is honored and excited to have three active collegiate chapters – all who need our help! Interested in getting involved with a local college chapter? Not sure where to send recruitment information?

ALUMNAE LIFE AFTER COLLEGE: Chi Omega wants to prepare its members for life after college. Chi Omegas have reunions, take vacations together, and meet other Chi Omegas when they move to a new place.